Saturday, 22 December 2012

Old One-Eye Is Back!

                                     Good Yule! 
                               Happy Solstice!
     This blog won’t be up again before Christmas, so this seems a good
 time to wish you all a happy mid-winter gathering and feast, call it what
 you will.
       As you can see, the Green Man has now made himself - or should 
that be Himself? - known.
       I wasn't going to give him eyes - I started off thinking that he should
 just be a mask - but then eyes seemed important. And then just one eye.
 Which makes it clear who He is - an appropriate visitor for this time of 
year, given all the drinking, and not just Mead  of Poetry. 
     There's much more I can do... I'm thinking of trying something like this,
for his crown...
      Salt would make good frost, maybe?
      For his photo-shoot, I stuck a black plastic tray to the door of a 
   cupboard with blu-tak, and  then stuck him to the tray.
          Oh the Holly and the Ivy, when they are both full-grown... 
          And not only is old One-Eye back - Blott is too! 


madwippitt said...

Wow! That is truly brilliant Sue! Although one eye makes me a bit squeamish ... so I'm imagining that he's winking which I rather like ...
So will this be a new sideline?

PS If Bah humbug Blott wants to step aside, the wippitties will be happy to take his place in the icecream fight. Their mouths are open ready ...

Joan Lennon said...

That is one dynamite mask - well done! I hesitate to ask how youc got that one eye so realistic-looking ...

=Tamar said...

That works as a Christmas card. Or rather, a Solstice card. :-)
I think that the water-removal property of salt might be destructive to the mask even if all parts are artificial. I suggest investigating the seasonally available decorative snow, maybe the stuff they spray on windows.

Susan Price said...

That's a good thought, Tamar! Thanks! I will investigate.