Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Walk on Walton Hill

     The Clent Hills are a National Trust property on the edge of the Black Country, near Halesowen. There are two hills, Clent and Walton. This is the path up the side of Walton Hill on December 13th 2012.

           The top of a fence-post.

The fence that the fence-post is part of. Climbing up Walton Hill.

          The top of the hill. It was cold up there! The trees and grass to the right were all coated with ice, but to the right, ice-free.

          A friendly little character we met on top of the hill. He was racing about with a yellow ball, begging everyone to throw it for him - well, all three of us daft enough to be up there in that weather. He didn't care whether we'd been introduced or not. He was looking towards me and grinning when I started to take the picture, but moved just as the shutter clicked. Never work with...

          The great icy piece of turf.

Coming back down the hill.

And the glasses of mulled cider in the pub afterwards.


madwippitt said...

Frost is more beautiful than snow, isn't it? Highlights the tiniest detail ... the mullered cider looks good too!

Jen Alexander said...


Anonymous said...

Been teaching Chemistry to my 'special' pupils. i.e. So called low ability but anything but really. We've been talking about snow crystals and how no two are the same. Every one is unique and always with 6 points!!! In fact the water molecule is very very special H2O and also a fundamental part of life. It defies all other laws of Physics and Chemistry and no one really understands why. I could launch into Quantum Physics and how reality might only be a facet of our own consciousness now, but maybe we can let that be for now?

Still, nature is wonderful isn't it?



madwippitt said...

Absolutely - Nature is a constant source of wonder and entertainment. And it's good to have stuff in your life that can't be understood (if you know what I mean!)

Joan Lennon said...

Wonderful frost photos - especially the fence post top! Thank you!