Friday, 17 June 2011

Introducing Blott

          For some time now, I've been trying to think of something to make my blog a little different, especially a little different from the blogs of my SAS friends.  Others can review books better than me, and since I seldom emerge from my cave except to snarl at people in the supermarket, I’m not the one to dish the writing goss.

           I got the idea of a cartoon.  It was to be based around a writer.  I thought about introducing my computers as other characters – weeny little netbook, middle-sized laptop and great big desktop.  I liked the idea, but I didn’t think I could actually do it.
          I can draw a bit, but I’m out of practice and anyway, there’s a big difference between an ordinary drawing and a cartoon with some style.  I didn’t think I could draw a cartoon that was any good.
          And jokes.  I’m not that good at jokes.  I didn’t think I could come up with enough.
          And then there’s time.  I’m writing books, writing proposals, turning my back–list into e-books, and being an RLF fellow… I didn’t think I could produce a cartoon as well.
          Still, the idea wouldn’t go away, and in the pub one night, I mentioned it to my brother and sister-out-law.  My brother Adam was interested.  He is a cartoonist – has published cartoons, and been paid for them.  He had developed a rather stylish cat and mouse.  And despite having more than enough to be getting on with himself – holding down a job and studying with the OU – he volunteered to produce the cartoon.
          So Blott was born – and I should say no more and let Blott speak for himself.  I didn’t lay down too strict a brief – I see no point in dictating to someone else’s creativity.  Enough that it had to fit in with a writer’s blog.  I’d quite like the computers to be characters, but have no idea if they will ever be…  The sister-out-law, as is her wont, has supplied some brilliant ideas – as I’ve no doubt the other brother will (but he’s designing the covers for my e-books).  It’s a cooperative cartoon!
          First one to be posted this weekend.  All of us @priceclan hope you enjoy it.