Saturday, 23 April 2016

72 Baps...

You butter and I'll slice.

(The reaction of a Victoria Wood character on hearing that a family member had died.) 
Several people have commented that 'celebrities' seem to be
Victoria Wood (wikipedia)
dropping like flies this spring. I just clicked on The Guardian on-line to see that Prince was the latest.

But none of the deaths has saddened me as much as that of Victoria Wood.

I walked into an empty room the other day. The television was on with its sound turned down. Across the screen was a red banner, reading: Victoria Wood dead.

I stopped in mid-stride. I yelled the news aloud. From a distant corner of the house came an answering squawk of dismay. In fact, my whole family will be squawking. They all, man and woman, old and young, loved Victoria Wood.

I saw her perform live in Birmingham early in her career, without really knowing who she was. But I laughed.

Then I started seeing her on television, at a time when it was still commonly said that 'women can't be funny.' She single-handedly proved that canard to be a right load of old...

She was a brilliant writer, a superb observer and listener, writing an abundance of terrific parts for both men and women, but especially for women.

I loved her for herself, and I love her because a fond memory is of my dad laughing until he cried at her 'Ballad of Barry and Freda.' (Otherwise known as 'Let's Do It' or 'bend me over backwards on me hostess trolley.'

But however I go on, I can't write a better appreciation than this by the Guardian's Lucy Mangan, so I'll leave you with that.

And this:-


JO said...

Nice one Suan. I've also found the death of Victoria Wood the hardest to get my head round. She did so much for comedy, and for women.

Joan Lennon said...

She did. So sad, but what a legacy!

Susan Price said...

True, but I wish she could have gone on to make it a bigger legacy! She was such a good writer.

madwippitt said...

Acorn Antiques for me. I have it on video and its nearly threadbare. And still makes me laugh.