Saturday, 27 June 2015

More of the Pond in the Pot.

The pond in a pot's been in place for a month now. The plants seem settled and happy. It's certainly attracting more insects of all kinds - bees, hoverflies, lace-wings, bluebottles, and just unidentified wingy-things.
     The cunning plot was that by attracting more insects, we would attract more birds. Well, we've had a few fleeting visits from great tits, blue tits, sparrows and starlings - but mostly it's been the wood pigeons. They caught on fast to the fact that we put out peanuts, and now they loiter with intent, on the fence and in the hedge.

I thought they were interested in the pond, and so they are.

It's quite funny to see them sit on the edge of the pot and perform a stately bow, to get a drink.
         But the water-lily.
     I go out first thing every morning, to fish fallen leaves from the pond. (With the strong winds over recent weeks, I've been fishing out twigs and small branches, never mind leaves.)
     I was thrilled, one morning, to see that the water-lily had sent up a bud, which was just under the surface. You can see it at the centre of the picture below.

     I hadn't expected it to bud so soon, or even this year. It seemed to have appeared quickly, but I thought I just hadn't noticed. In a week or so, I thought, it might open.
     The next day, it was like this.

     I could scarcely believe it. I was working in the garden that day. About twenty minutes later, I passed by the pond again - 

     Water-lilies - recommended for impatient people.


Jenny Alexander said...

Reading this was like taking a stroll in a garden - instant calm and relaxation. Thank you, Sue. I was weeding round my pond last night and a fat frog plopped into the water from right under my hand. But that's down the end of the garden, so I think I need a pond in a pot as well, up where I can see it from the house. You've inspired me :)

Joan Lennon said...

What a beauty!

madwippitt said...

Lovely AND exciting!
And pigeons love to splash in the water - put out a tray for them and you'll be surprised how much fun you have watching them bathing. An old plant pot tray or upturned dustbin lid is perfect. Or if you want something smart and colourful, a ceramic plant pot tray.

Susan Price said...

Thank you all.
The pond in the pot has been so much fun, Jenny, that we're thinking of making the effort to create a real one.
And Mad - I have put out a shallower dish, the bottom half of a tagine which I never use. I've never seen a bird go near it - though I think a fox is drinking from it at night.

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