Saturday, 2 May 2015

Winter and Spring

          I seem to be very aware of the seasons this year.

Taken in the Clent Hills, January 2015

Edge of the same path, April 2015
Clent Hill, cold January day, 2015
Clent Hill, hot April day, 2015
A gate, Clent Hill, January 2015

Looking over the same gate, April, 2015 

First bluebells!

Summer is coming.


Leslie Wilson said...

Gosh, it all goes to show, the seasons make a place really different. I'm not saying this as a trite truism, it seems to me that places are significantly changed by what is taking place in them, so a wood in summer is in some way separated completely from the same wood in winter...

Susan Price said...

I agree, Leslie! We'd just come back from walking over the hills on a hot April day, with the birds all yelling so loud we could hardly hear each other speak - and then I was looking through my photos and saw the ones I'd taken just four months earlier, on the same walk. It started me thinking what a completely different experience these two walks, in the same place, had been.