Saturday, 31 January 2015

Mysterious Purchaser, Somewhere In The UK...

I wasn't going to put up a blog this week - pressure of work and all that. I'm trying to prepare a series of workshops I have to give in schools at the end of February and beginning of March.

And then, there's no pubowrimo to report on this week - partly because of the workshops, but also because, living on top of the steepest hills for miles around, we were snowed in. A more courageous driver could have made it out to a decent, writer-tolerant pub - but after pirouetting my car like an ice-dancer on our steep hills a few times in recent years, I decided to pass.

I changed my mind about blogging when I logged on to CreateSpace, Amazon's Print-On-Demand Paperback site. I was intending to upload the 'interior' of 'Overheard In A Graveyard', one of my ghost story collections. But before I could do anything useful like that I was transfixed by the fact that this month's sales of my book The Wolf's Footprint, had jumped up from 5 to 23 since the last time I worked on the site, a couple
Nightcomers - already a paperback
of days ago.

The reason I put 'The Wolf's Footprint' out, first as an ebook, and then as a paperback, was because so many teachers emailed me, asking where they could find copies of the book. One teacher asked if I could supply 16 copies. I couldn't - I never owned 16 copies at one time myself.

So I can only imagine that the reason for this sudden, even if modest, spike in sales is that, somewhere in the UK, a teacher, or a school, has lashed out and bought 18 copies of the book at one go.

Mysterious bulk purchaser, whoever, wherever you are, thank you very much! Please accept a writer's gratitude. I hope the book
serves your purpose, and the story and illustrations are enjoyed.

Mysterious Purchaser, you've made my weekend.

The paperback edition of The Wolf's Footprint can be found here, with greyscale illustrations..

A paperback edition with COLOUR illustrations can be found here.

And the ebook edition can be found here.

And I can't resist saying, have a look at this - 

You can put words in famous writers' mouths. I love Lovecraft saying, 'Boo!'


madwippitt said...

Hurrah for the mystery buyer! That will help support your pubowrimo habit :-) And enjoyed HP saying boo - do I detect a brotherly paintbrush at work there? Hope that overindulgence in pubowrimo doesn't result in him having to change website name to :-)

Nick Green said...

Worth every penny...

Susan Price said...

Thanks, Nick!