Saturday, 8 September 2012

I Did It!

Friday 7th September 2012 

     I did it, I did it!
          Three years to the month since I started, I've finished Sterkarm 3 and sent it to my agent just one hour ago.
          Now what do I do?
          Whatever, it has to be do-able one-handed. The doc's anti-inflammatories have done wonders for all my other joints - I am bounding up stairs and hills with lightsome foot - but left the tendonitis in my right hand and arm untouched.  When I finished the Sterkarm book last night,  my right wrist was visibly swollen.
          Still, it's forced me to remember many tricks, such as:
Cntrl + C = Copy
Cntrl + V = Paste
Cntrl + X = Delete
Cntrl + S = Save
          A double click on a word selects it for copying or deletion.
          All these enabled me to do a lot left-handed - quite suitable for writing about the Sterkarms! - in one corner of the key-board.
          So I'm afraid that's all for this post - 
          But good wishes to all and any struggling with finishing a book! Be of good cheer! It does, eventually, end.


Katherine Langrish said...

Oh WELL DONE Sue - congratulations (and I envy you so bad...) anyway, I'm longing to read it.

madwippitt said...

Well done! Break out the virtual champagne (won't interfere with your drugs) Now, when can we read it?!!!

Ashteroth sounds a bit Lovecraftian: good thing it's a gibbous moon tonight!

Katherine Roberts said...

My unicorn sends glitter!!! (Did you say what it's called? I'm dying to know what title you decided on in the end!)

Look after those tendons, and here's hoping there's not another three year wait for publication...

Juliet said...

Can't wait!
Well done and I hope you feel better soon.

Susan Price said...

Thanks all! Kath L - I know you're hard at it with your futuristic novel - and I'm looking forward to that, so good luck with it!-
MadWippet - I've broken open the real rose - not my usual tipple, but bought for a friend who didn't want it, so - and Ashteroth probably is Lovecraftian, as I think Blott's creator is quite into Lovecraft.
And Kath - thank you for the Unicorn glitter! I firmly decided on 'A Sterkarm Embrace' and sent it to my agent as that, but now I've gone off that title again. 'A Sterkarm Potion' or 'Cure' would fit better for the book - maybe not for the series.
As for the tendonitis - sorry if I seem to be milking this, but it seems to be spreading! My ankle is really sore now. The doc did say something about infection, but I don't understand how my tendons can have become infected. I haven't cut myself!

Jane Henry said...

Oh Susan, that's fantastic! Can't say how pleased I am that 14 years after their first outing we're going to see some more Sterkarms. ONLY sorry I don't get the pleasure of editing. But I'm sure I will get the pleasure of reading. Now you can think about finishing the Elfgift trilogy :-)

Sorry to hear about your wrists. Hope inflammation subsides now you can have a rest.

SO excited, lots of love
PS Editing The Sterkarm Handshake remains my proudest achievement from my Scholastic days.

Sarah said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read it! Hope your wrists recover soon-you can have a good rest maybe and let them.

Joan Lennon said...

Huzzah huzzah! I will stroke the front door of Notre Dame tomorrow and hope that that cures all! Meanwhile a bit of basking in the glow of achievement is in order. Make it so!