Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nennius, Chaff and Jewels

In writing this blog, I have decided to take, as my model, the 9th century monk Nennius who compared himself to ‘a chattering jay’ and said, of his own book, ‘I have made a little heap of all I could find.’
And so I intend to do here. This blog will be one of indiscriminate jottings, now and then, whenever. I shall jumble into the heap whatever takes my fancy at the time – photographs, odd facts, a recipe now and then, book reviews, folk-lore, maybe even stuff about writing.
I can only quote Nennius again: ‘Do not be loath, diligent reader, to winnow my chaff, and lay up the wheat in the storehouse of your memory: for Truth cares not who is the speaker, nor in what manner it is spoken, but that the thing be true; and She does not despise the jewel which She has rescued from the mud, but adds it to Her treasures.’
I hope that, now and again, by accident, there may be the odd grain and gem in the mud.